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Unveiling the PBF Spring 2024 Cohort

Winchester, VA, January 4 - The Peter Bullough Foundation (PBF) proudly announces its upcoming artists-in-residence, a diverse group of 12 talented artists that will each make use of the PBF's West Cork Street location this February to May. This dynamic cohort encompasses a wide range of artistic disciplines and backgrounds and will be sharing their vibrant and creative practices with the Shenandoah Valley community.

In February, the foundation welcomes playwright and literary translator Amanda L. Andrei, award-winning cartoonist Lara Antal, and Dutch/Macedonian contemporary artist Nathalie Basoski. LA-based Andrei's epic, irreverent plays center the concealed, wounded places of history and societies from the perspectives of diasporic Filipina women, Brooklyn-based Antal is an award-winning cartoonist known for their graphic novel Ronan and the Sea of Endless Stars, and Brooklyn-based Basoski explores the intersection of fashion and fine arts through large-scale textile pieces inspired by her cultural background.

March brings together queer Palestinian Southerner Rasha Abdulhadi, Southeastern conceptual artist Miles Lamberson, and Miami-based visual artist Ocean Salazar. Abdulhadi, engaged in organizing and creative work, takes on many roles from community technologist, urban farmer, beekeeper, to poet. Lamberson focuses on the malleability of memories through print, collage, and sculpture, while Salazar's dark tropical genre blends allure with the macabre.

April sees multidisciplinary collage artist Rashad Ali Muhammad, painter and sculptor Christopher Paul Jordan, and poet, performer, educator, and collagist Tyler Allen Penny. Muhammad creates vivid works reflecting the complexities of the human experience, Jordan explores human relationships through salvaged materials, and Penny, in addition to teaching at a wide array of institutions, is at work on a collection of poems and collages exploring queer journeys of discovery and self-creation toward sanctuary.

In May, the residency hosts author and arts advocate Carla Du Pree, photographer and writer Virginia Hines, and award-winning author, cartoonist, and illustrator Yao Xiao. Du Pree, the executive director of the Baltimore-based CityLit Project, focuses on craft, creativity, and community in her work, Hines strives to capture the essence of humanity through photography, and Xiao, a Lambda Literary Award Finalist, is known for her graphic novel and cartoon contributions.

The Peter Bullough Foundation is thrilled to provide a supportive space for these exceptional artists to collaborate, create, and explore their artistic endeavors. More information on each artist is available at Events and workshops for the spring 2024 season will be forthcoming via newsletter and instagram. For further information, please contact Katie Mooney Buzby at

From left to right, top to bottom: Rasha Abdulhadi, Nathalie Basoski, Rashad Ali Muhammad, Virginia Hines, Christopher Paul Jordan, Amanda L. Andrei, Ocean Salazar, Miles Lamberson, Carla Du Pree, Yao Xiao, Lara Antal, and Tyler Allen Penny


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