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Peter Bullough

Dr. Peter Gill Bullough was born in 1932 in Oldham, England. He attended the University of Liverpool School of Medicine (1950-1956) in England followed by a residency in anatomic pathology at the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. He then completed a two-year fellowship in Bone Pathology at the Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York City with Dr. Henry Jaffe. After his fellowship, he returned to England to accept the position of lecturer in Pathology at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre at Oxford University from 1963-1968. In 1968, Dr. Bullough was persuaded by Dr. Bernard Jacobs and Dr. Philip Wilson Sr. to return to New York and join the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). That year, he was appointed associate attending pathologist at the HSS. Several years later he became a full professor of Pathology at the Cornell University Medical College (now the Weill Cornell Medical School) and served as Chairman of the Department of Pathology at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

One of his greatest professional accomplishments was the establishment of the first Osteogenesis Imperfecta clinic for children in New York with Dr. Leon Root, in addition to organizing a parents group. Dr. Bullough felt that his greatest contribution to pathology was "understanding the pathology of osteoarthritis." 

Dr. Bullough was a member of the International Skeletal Society, serving as program director and winning both the silver medal and gold medal (1994) awarded by that society. He was also awarded the Henry Jaffe medal from the Hospital for Joint Diseases (1986) and the Abraham Colles medal from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (1978). Dr. Bullough authored numerous books including a definitive textbook on Bone Pathology and published over 150 articles. He taught hundreds of medical students over the years and mentored scores of pathology residents. Two of his former students now serve on his Foundation's board.

The homes that Dr. Bullough owned on West Cork Street in Winchester were featured in a Wall Street Journal article in 2012.

​Dr. Bullough was an avid supporter of the arts and established the Peter Bullough Foundation to support emerging artists. Dr. Bullough passed away peacefully at his home in Winchester, Virginia on Saturday, November 2, 2019. He was 87 years old.

Dr. Peter Bullough in his beloved library
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