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Facilities & Location

The Peter Bullough Foundation is an intimate residency experience in the small town of Winchester, Virginia. Find out more below and in our FAQ's


The PBF has three studio spaces, one for each individual resident; all our minimally outfitted, though we have a wide variety of supplies from a sewing machine to music stands and more with which we can easily equip artists. Our smallest studio overlooks the garden, contains ergonomic furniture, an armchair, sound dampening, and is ideal for writing and making music. Our medium-sized studio (10.5' x 13') gets the best natural light, contains a built in cabinet original to the house, and has a wall ready for pinning ideas. Our largest studio (15' x 16.75') receives some south-facing light, but is perfect for large, messy projects. Both the medium and large studios are ideal for visual artists or anyone with the desire to spread out and test out ideas; they come outfitted with easels, a comfortable chair or two, and foldable, adjustable tables. The studio spaces share a common kitchen and restroom.

Resident House

Spring and fall residents stay in the PBF's resident house, located across the courtyard garden from the studios. The living environment is rather intimate, with public spaces on the first floor and private spaces on the second. On the first floor are a shared kitchen, media lounge, dining room, music room with baby grand piano, and a half bath. On the second floor, the resident house contains three separate bedrooms in blue, pink, and green, and two full bathrooms. One bathroom is ensuite while the two other bedrooms share a full bath. 

The house is set up similar to how Dr. Bullough left it and contains much of the furniture it did at that time. Wallpaper in some rooms has been graciously and thoughtfully donated by a generous board member and is similar to the wallpaper chosen by Dr. Bullough. In 2024, the PBF plans to return much of Dr. Bullough's art collection to the house. 


The Peter Bullough Foundation has two buildings: a resident house and a studio and collection building that are situated across a private garden courtyard from one another. These buildings are located just blocks away from Winchester's historic downtown. 

Winchester is a unique small town nestled in the northern Shenandoah Valley. Home to wonderful local businesses, many nonprofits, museums, and restaurants, it's a great place to visit! Check out the links below to visit our local tourism bureau and the City's municipal website.

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