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Announcing Local 2024 Summer Artists-in-Residence

The Peter Bullough Foundation (PBF) is pleased to announce its local summer artists-in-residence for 2024: Joseph Jablonski, Daniel Rossi, and David Kiefer. These three artists will be given full access to the PBF studios and gardens for the summer, able to come and go as they please, and to use the space to its fullest advantage for experimentation and focus work.

Each artist impressed the PBF with their work, which ranges in form from street poetry to street art and to illustration. All share a commitment to Winchester, evidenced by their visibility around town: Joseph Jablonski can be seen around Winchester's downtown in his capacity as the Walking Mall Poet, David Kiefer’s work has been hanging in the Art in the Halls at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, and Daniel Rossi’s work is on display in murals at the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum and local pizza shop Pizzoco.

The summer residency program at the PBF has traditionally culminated in an open studio garden party in late summer. Due to an overwhelming response to last year’s event, tickets will be sold for this year’s summer open studio beginning in late July; tickets for PBF members are free!

Images above: a poem by Walking Mall Poet Joseph Jablonski, a photo of Joseph Jablonski (credit Rager Media), two bird illustrations by David Kiefer, a photo of David Kiefer, and a shark mural and bamboo installation by Daniel Rossi.

More about each of the residents is available below:

Joseph M. Jablonski is the typewriting street poet of Old Town Winchester, Virginia. Over the course of five years, he has written thousands of poems for strangers and passersby as a busking artist, using his collection of about 45 typewriters, some of which are over one hundred years old. His most recently published work is the poem “Brother Bear” in Livina Press. Other works include a chapbook of poems entitled Dropout, available from Jafansta Press, and individual pieces featured in Five2One's #thesideshow and in The Odyssey. He has also been featured in The Winchester Star.

David Kiefer is an illustrator and storyteller. A Winchester resident since August 2022, he has been interested in art and storytelling for as long as he has known what they are. He has a particular interest in imagination and how it influences how we see, and interact with, the world around us. He believes that storytelling is a thread that weaves together the imagined world with the real one, and allows us to explore and experience the interaction between the two; he continues to explore this thesis in his work. He holds a BFA in Illustration from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (2017) and an MFA in Drawing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2020).

Daniel Rossi is an interdisciplinary artist whose trajectory spans illustration, painting, street art, sculpture and tattoo art. Originally from Italy, Rossi began his career in the world of comic books where he established a prominent publishing house. In 2004, Daniel shifted his focus to painting and held his first US exhibit in Washington, DC with the Inter-American Development Bank. Over the next few years, Rossi's artistic evolution led him to embrace various disciplines, with a particular focus for unconventional materials, such as bamboo, cardboard and LED lights. He established the light fixture design studio in New York, Organic Light Sculptures, featured in the New York Times and worked as Instructor of Sculpture and Fabrication at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, NY.

He soon found himself drawn to the immediacy of street art, creating murals across the globe from Guatemala City to New York City, Brazil and Italy. In 2015, he organized a street art residency that gathered world-famous artists to produce large scale murals in a rural town in Sardinia.

Recently, Rossi has collaborated on a local mural at the Discovery Museum in Winchester, VA, and completed an indoor mural at Pizzoco in Winchester, VA. Currently, Rossi brings his versatile background to tattoo art where he merges traditional techniques with contemporary elements.


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