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Art & Rare Book Collections

Dr. Bullough left his library and art collection to the foundation with the hopes of sharing them and inspiring others to pursue their own artistic passions. 

Stuart Shils painting of a red tugboat and bridge


Dr. Bullough's art collection spans a variety of styles and topics. The more than 400 piece collection includes concentrations on topics such as the male form & masculinity, dance, New York City, and medicine. It also covers such mediums as prints & colored illustrations, mixed media, still life, landscapes, and abstract expressionism. There are a number of pieces by the artists Agnes Martin, Sakiko Ide, Stuart Shils, and Sam Clayton, as well as pieces by emerging artists including Bettina Nelson, Saranoa Mark, Audrey Levinthal, Drew Kohler, and Samantha Mitchell. 

Through his friendship with Stuart Shils, Peter met and encouraged many student artists, frequently buying their work to add to his collection. 

Peter's collection will continue to be displayed in his home at 120 W Cork Street. The Foundation is looking into ways to capture his home so that it might be shared virtually. In the future, the Foundation hopes to curate items from the collection in occasional gallery showings.

"It's better to support young artists than to waste your money on dead artists."

- Dr. Peter G. Bullough

Rare Books

Like his art collection, Dr. Bullough's library spans more than 6,000 books and spans a wide range of topics. 

Specialties of the collection include a large number of works and various editions of William Blake, Marcel Proust, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, and Charles Dickens. The collection also includes numerous books on architecture, art, music, dance, opera, design, dandyism, and English and medical history.

A highlight of the collection, the Six Fairytales by the Brothers Grimm with original etchings by David Hockney, was a particular favorite of Dr. Bullough's. He was particularly fond of etchings; the book that began his collection included a series of woodcut etchings of birds. 

If you'd like to view any books in the collection, you are welcome to contact staff and make arrangements to visit the Foundation in Winchester, VA. When you arrive, PBF staff will provide you with a seat in the salon from which you may view the books during your visit. 

Glass and metal antique candelabra with beeswax candles in Dr. Bullough's library

“If we started on books, we’d be here for weeks; you wouldn’t be able to stop because there are very nice things here.”

- Dr. Peter G. Bullough

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