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Code of Ethics

We are responsible for upholding the legacy of the late Dr. Peter Gill Bullough and the intentions set forth in the Peter Bullough Charitable Trust Agreement. In achievement of that goal, we are committed to: 

  • Creating opportunities for arts education to flourish in our local Winchester community and around the world;

  • Bringing arts education and opportunities to diverse individuals in inclusive and equitable ways;

  • Acting with integrity and honesty in all our activities;

  • Accepting professional responsibility for our individual and collective decisions and actions;

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest;

  • Complying with the laws of the state of Virginia;

  • Treating every individual with dignity, fairness, and respect, including artists, employees, board members, and members of the community;

  • Being transparent and accountable for all of our actions; and

  • Improving the ethical conduct and effectiveness of the nonprofit field.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement 

We are committed to nurturing inclusive and divergent art and art forms and to embracing artists in all of their unique and intersecting identities. We are constantly learning, growing, and seeking to improve access to opportunities to create art. 

Gold cardboard crafted skull with papermache bird in front of sofa in Dr. Bullough's gallery room
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