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April 2023 at the PBF

In April 2023, the Peter Bullough Foundation was thrilled to host three artists with history in the commonwealth of Virginia: Kim Anderson and Katie Prock, both of whom use light and photosensitive surfaces to create their work, and poet Les James. Anderson’s work explores her family’s history and storytelling as well as the history and ancestry of African-Americans; she frequently uses foodstuffs relevant to the African diaspora. Prock similarly delves into family history in her work alongside themes of gender. James’ work examines nature, consciousness, and social activism, frequently tying seemingly disparate themes together. The PBF is thankful to the Marion Park Lewis Foundation fo the Arts and First Bank for supporting the workshops and events this season.

The month began with a hands-on art book making workshop led by Katie Prock on April 6. Attendees were first guided through a self-reflective writing prompt. Then, pulling words and phrases from the reflective exercise, and applying documents and images brought for the workshop and from magazines and catalogs provided, attendees created large diaristic collages. Next, these collages were folded down and cut to create book-sized spreads, totally transforming them from their original format. These spreads were then sewn together to create artist books relevant to each attendee’s identity. The workshop was a meditative experience!

On the evening of April 17 in the salon at the PBF, Les James hosted a meditative reading of several of her works, including some published, some forthcoming, and others in-progress. The works spanned nearly 20 years and allowed the audience to reflect upon themes connecting nature, science, theopoetics, and social justice. James provided some perspective and background on each of her works, highlighting the disparate ideas that she was able to pull into harmony in her pieces.

Finally, on Earth Day, April 22, Kim Anderson led a slightly abbreviated anthotypes workshop due to inclement weather. Anthotypes are images created by using photosensitive material from plants. The lack of sun on the day of the workshop after a week of bright sunny weather was challenging, but Anderson persevered, sharing her processes, the foodstuffs with which she’s experimented, and the work that she completed over the course of the residency and beyond. In the images shown below are an anthotype test of Anderson’s grandmother prepping collard greens on watercolor paper with collard green emulsion.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit with two former artists-in-residence this month: Janelle Washington and Frances Bukovsky. Janelle recently packed up her show at Laurel Ridge with the help of Laurel Ridge Development Director Andy Gyurisin and Frances recently visited for tea with our current residents, meeting their photograph collective colleague Kim Anderson in-person for the first time!

The PBF is grateful to these three artists for sharing their talents with the Winchester community and us!


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