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Announcing Spring 2023 Residents at the PBF

This spring, the Peter Bullough Foundation (PBF) is proud to welcome twelve new artists to Winchester, Virginia for month-long residencies. Three residents at a time will stay at the PBF’s facilities on West Cork Street, living and working on their craft. During their stay, each resident will connect with the local community in some way, such as a workshop, lecture, discussion, or other event.

The artists this season span a wide range of disciplines and genres, but many explore similar themes of gender and science, as well as ancestry, dreams, and alternate worlds. While in Winchester, these artists will explore mediums that span from memoirs, to poetry anthologies, to creative nonfiction novels, printmaking, installations, acrylic paintings, photograph series, embroidery, collage, and more. All look forward to the time, space, security, and support that a residency at the PBF provides.

In February, the PBF will welcome installation artist John Felix Arnold, visual artist Rochelle Voyles, and genre-fluid writer and poet Maria T. Allocco. Arnold’s work will involve researching the history of dance, exploring the PBF collection, and examining different materials and processes to express his findings. Voyles’ collage work takes on reality, reinterpreting its most joyful and traumatic parts, creating a new landscape; while here, Voyles plans to draw inspiration from the PBF’s library collection. Allocco plans to spend time crafting together their nonfiction mixed-genre work on the mixed-race experience (Allocco is of Korean-Italian heritage).

Artists Andrea Pérez Bessin, Christopher M Tandy, and Promiti Islam will arrive in March. Pérez Bessin will be focused on creating mixed-media sculptures for a show later in 2023, using the PBF’s collection to supplement their research. Tandy’s will also be working in sculpture and using the time and space provided by the PBF to explore new and different mediums, something challenging in their current workspace. Finally, Islam will be working on a creative nonfiction memoir-novel, which touches on themes unique to the Bangladeshi-American experience, including survival and war, community and resilience.


From the upper left, artist shown include: Scott Walker, Promiti Islam, Rochelle Voyles, Andrea Pérez Bessin, Katie Prock, Les James, Kim Anderson, Lena Crown, John Felix Arnold, Christopher M Tandy, and MK Bailey


In April, photographers Kim Anderson and Katie Prock will be in residence with poet and artist Les James. Anderson’s work combines photography and collage to share the history and ancestry of African-Americans, while Prock’s work explores family history and gender through the lens of alternative printing techniques and handcrafted processes. James’ background in biology grounds her work as it examines nature, consciousness, and social activism. The PBF hopes to host an event for Earth Day with both Anderson and James, connecting Earth Day with Black history.

Finally, May will see the PBF hosting DC-area visual artist MK Bailey and writer Lena Crown as well as Brooklyn-based fiber artist Scott Walker. Both Bailey and Walker work purposefully with aesthetics that can be described as feminine, and while the former uses it to convey dark themes, the other uses it to explore queer iconography and pop culture. Crown’s work, through personal narrative and braided theory and criticism, explores and questions masculine and feminine gender expression and the impact it has on culture and alternative spaces.

Events for the 2023 to 2024 season at the Peter Bullough Foundation have been generously sponsored by First Bank and the Marion Park Lewis Foundation for the Arts. To find out more about upcoming workshops, lectures, and more, please visit and check out the Events page or sign up for the monthly newsletter.


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