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Nine Artists-in-Residence Coming to Winchester in Fall 2021

Beginning this August and ending in December, the Peter Bullough Foundation (PBF) will be home to nine different artists, each staying for a month at a time. These artists form the inaugural class of interdisciplinary artists-in-residence for the PBF, which was established with the intent of supporting emerging artists, by Dr. Peter Bullough before his death in 2019.

Artists will be staying at the PBF’s location on Cork Street, living in one of Dr. Bullough’s former homes and working in the studio space located in the adjacent building, which are connected by a shared garden. Residency program participants receive a small stipend in addition to housing and studio space. Applications to attend the residency are available each year in the spring and fall. The PBF is exploring different ways for the visiting artists to engage with the local community.

Artists include the poet and writer L. Renée, who has just completed a residency at the prestigious Oak Spring Garden Foundation in nearby Upperville, Virginia, and who has just received her MFA from Indiana University in Bloomington, as well as the writer Sandra Jackson-Opoku, who is looking to spend time working on her third book, a historical novel called “Black Rice” that explores Afro-Chinese relationships over a thousand years.


Photos shown are courtesy of the artists: from left to right, top to bottom: L. Renée, Jessie Hansen, Paige Tibbe, a piece by Raquel Adler, Kat Ryals, Marisa Stratton, lydia see, and Caitlyn McCormack. Not pictured: Sandra Jackson-Opoku.


Visual artist Marisa Stratton is a recent graduate of VCU while Paige Tibbe has been working in Pittsburgh, PA, for a few years since graduating from Seton Hill University. Stratton’s work explores connections between the digital and mechanical, while Tibbe’s portraits of makers have her exploring the connection between art and the community. Photographer Jessie Hansen is a recent graduate of MICA and explores nature and conversational portraiture in her work; she will spend her time exploring the trails and nature of the Shenandoah Valley.

Kat Ryals, who is a Brooklyn-based artist, photographer, and curator, and Caitlin McCormack, who is a Philadelphia-based textile artist, will be spending their residencies exploring Dr. Bullough’s collection as they conduct research on an upcoming installation that they are collaborating on.

Mixed media artist Raquel Adler will consider the meaning of home and continue to work in different mediums during her time at the PBF, using a variety of mixed processes and solvents. Interdisciplinary artist lydia see, an MFA graduate with a strong archival background and interest in Dr. Bullough’s private library and art collection, looks forward to unconstrained time and space to work.

For more information about the Peter Bullough Foundation for the Arts or to sponsor an artist during their residency, visit or email


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