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August 2022 at the PBF

In August, the Peter Bullough Foundation was fortunate to welcome three artists-in-residence: paper cutter Janelle Washington, photographer Julia Forrest, and our first ever musician, Sarah Magill of Quiet Takes. While at the PBF, the residents took full advantage of Winchester’s slew of fall events, attending the wine festival at Belle Grove, the opening of Artists4ERA at Laurel Ridge Community College, completing a corn maze, the MSV at Night, and Fiddles and Fifths downtown. Each artist also contributed to the area by sharing their unique skill sets with the community.

Washington, an acclaimed paper-cut artist whose first illustrated book Choosing Brave was published while in residence at the PBF, hosted not one but two different workshops while in Winchester. Both workshops explored what family looks like and means to each participant. In her own work, Washington is exploring similar themes, reflecting on the shape of her own family after experiencing unexplained infertility. While one workshop was hosted at the PBF on August 27, a second workshop on August 29 was held at the Timbrook Achievement Center, which provides after school support for local students. Students expressed surprise in learning that Washington has made her career by cutting paper.

Partnering with Rod Vester, Director of Contemporary Music at Shenandoah Conservatory at Shenandoah University and a frequent juror for the PBF residency program, Magill spoke on September 9 with the Contemporary Musicianship and Entrepreneur Development students about making a career in music. She shared what she wished someone had told her as a college student and aspiring musician; highlights of this list can be seen on her instagram and include advice like, “there are many ways to support yourself and your art” and “be kind, not polite.” Magill lives nomadically as she awaits the production of a specially made stage that will allow her to tour across the country. Her recent EPs and tour dates are available for listening on her website.

Finally, Forrest held a workshop at the PBF on September 10, for kids to explore creating self portraits using photography and collage. Kids were asked what about their portraits made them feel strong and encouraged to make a portrait that empowered them. Layers of paper formed an initial layer, followed by a photo portrait, and finally a layer of acetate was decorated with paint markers to provide further detail and emphasis. Forrest is a teaching artist in Brooklyn, New York, whose work can currently be seen on her website and in person at The Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York, and Upstream Gallery in Hastings on Hudson, New York.

Staff at the PBF thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this first round of residents and look forward to the rest of the season! Many thanks to the Marion Lewis Park Foundation for the Arts and First Bank for sponsoring this season of events!


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