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March 2023 at the PBF

This March, we hosted visual artists Andrea Pérez Bessin and Christopher M Tandy and writer Promiti Islam. During their time in Winchester, all three delighted in the natural beauty of the surrounding area, particularly enjoying the Third Winchester Battlefield Park. For each of the events held this month in coordination with these artists, the Peter Bullough Foundation is grateful to the Marion Park Lewis Foundation for the Arts and to First Bank for their continued support!

Pérez Bessin kicked off the month by hosting a block printing for beginners class the evening of March 9. While participants found the process of creating their block somewhat daunting, all were excited to turn their blocks into prints at the end of the class and, once they had done so, were pleased with the results. Photos included below show the process of going from sketches to block prints using an image of the late Dr. Bullough.

Tandy shared their sculpture work, sketches, and exploration in sound with visiting artists during Afternoons in the Company of Artists, a free afternoon program created by the PBF as a way to connect the local community with visiting artists. Both Tandy and Pérez Bessin focus on themes of queerness and eliminating the gender binary in their work, frequently drawing inspiration from nature.

Finally, on March 21, Islam led Laurel Ridge Community College’s English 112 in an interactive discussion on how identity is tied to writing and literature. Islam’s prompts led to discussion among the students and further explored themes from their work The Salted Sea. We’re grateful for our partnership with Jessi Lewis and Laurel Ridge and to the writers that have participated in our residency!


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