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Cadillac Eldorado for Auction Benefitting the Peter Bullough Foundation

A 1974 Cadillac Eldorado convertible formerly owned by Julian Glass, Jr., benefactor of the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, has been generously donated to the Peter Bullough Foundation by Dr. Bruce Horten, a longtime friend of Dr. Bullough’s. The nearly 19-foot long vehicle is in beautiful condition and is being auctioned for sale now to benefit the Foundation.

While the vehicle was kept in Miami Beach for several years, with its donation, it comes full-circle home to Winchester. A long-time lover of Cadillacs, Glass ordered the vehicle new from Cadillac, requesting that it be painted a custom “Celadon” green. After Glass’s death, the car was sold from the estate to one of his friends and trustees of his Glass-Glen Burnie Foundation, Dr. Peter Bullough in 1992. Years later in 2005, Dr. Bullough gave the car to his dear friend Dr. Horten in thanks for having him as a guest for several months at his apartment in New York. After spending many years cruising around Miami Beach in style and following Dr. Bullough’s passing, Dr. Horten generously donated the car to his friend’s eponymous foundation, with the hopes of helping it achieve the goals that Dr. Bullough set forth before he passed, namely, to host artists-in-residence in his former Winchester homes.

For those interested in purchasing the convertible, it has be listed for sale beginning on July 19 and ending on Monday, July 26 at 11AM on the car auction website, Bring-A-Trailer, which specializes in vintage and classic car sales. You can view the listing here.

To learn more about the Peter Bullough Foundation for the Arts, please visit or email


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